Photography Portfolio

Artist Statement  I have always had a passion for art and design and take great pleasure in using my creativity to open someone's mind to an entirely new perspective.My favorite medium has become mixed media as I have learned new techniques and expanded my knowledge through various courses, travel, and personal exploration. My art background … Continue reading Photography Portfolio

Spicy Beer Braised Lamb Tacos

Ingredients 2 lb. organic minced lamb 1 TB minced garlic 2 TB Oregano 2 tsp. Cayenne 1 tsp chili powder 1/4 C beer (IPA preferred: I used hop slam) 2 tsp Apple cinder vinegar mixed with 1 tsp of honey 1 package of corn tortillas 3 C of shredded cabbage 3 C of shredded red … Continue reading Spicy Beer Braised Lamb Tacos


Today I experienced one of the most unique "readings" and before you knock it wait till you try it! I had my lips read and no, I'm not talking about someone wearing headphone trying to read my lips, I mean I had my actual lip print read by a professional lipsoligist! Ariana is the first … Continue reading Lipsology

Taipei: T.O. Hotel

WOW, I've never taken China Air, but now I can highly recommend it to anyone traveling around the region. However, Kel doesn't think anyone tested out the seats for sleeping comfort beforehand haha We were served a full blown meal, dessert and all! Given some excellent movie choices for our one and a half hour … Continue reading Taipei: T.O. Hotel

Hong Kong: Victoria’s Peak

It was up and out early to miss the mid-morning crowd to the famous Victoria's Peak, or just "The Peak" as I was corrected to play it cool as if I don't already get pegged as tourist with my camera strapped around my neck and trusty day pack :p Once at the top of "The … Continue reading Hong Kong: Victoria’s Peak

Hong Kong: Dragon’s Back

A little tired after the travel, but with enough adrenaline and a little help from my morning Joe and hearty breakfast, we were ready to hit the trails by 10 am and begin our long ( 4 hours) journey along the rolling Hills of the Southeast Island District. Better known as the Dragon's Back, or … Continue reading Hong Kong: Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong: South Island

"Unforgettably Beautiful" That is how I would describe our short yet perfectly packed time on the Island of Hong Kong. After our 6 pm arrival, Kel and I decided to get our first taste of Hong Kong before continuing through immigration and making our way on the very convenient, and efficient, airport express to city central. … Continue reading Hong Kong: South Island

Hong Kong 

Time to hit the skies again, as its wheels up for Kel and know possibly or last journey in Asia together for quite some time before heading back stateside this summer. This time around we were determined to knock a new country off the list. I'm just happy its a little bigger then a spec … Continue reading Hong Kong 

Tea House

"What I say isn't important."-Vincent Low, founder of Xixing Xuan tea house Actions speak louder then words. The age old saying our parents and teachers constantly try to instill upon us, and we finally come to realize, is very true. Its the things you see and experience first hand that revel the hidden "truths" In … Continue reading Tea House

Jurong Bird Park

One of my favorite places to visit places to visit in Singapore is Jurong Bird Park. Never did I think I'm a million years that it would be easy to spend 5+ hours in a park filled with nothing but birds, but man I was SO wrong. At first glance it may not sound appealing … Continue reading Jurong Bird Park