Day 1

Okay, so I know I don’t have the best reputation when it comes to being a fan of flying but let me just point out the fact that I’ve never prayed on a flight before either.

When your pilot comes on saying everything is fine we have just hit a bad storm, but it’s not even raining, and his voice is shaking you know it’s not a good sign. Nevertheless, we made it and with time to spare! (Totally forgot about the time change, so we really landed at 2:55 instead of 3:55 pm like we had originally thought). We jumped off the plane onto the Tarmac and headed inside to find Mr. Mony, who was giving us a ride to our Hotel.

As luck had it, as we were going over our itinerary with him, he informed us that he was headed in the direction of the National Museum and would be happy to give us a ride there since it, closed at 6 pm and would take a good two hours to go through. So, just like that we reached the hotel, dropped out bags, and headed out the door to our first destination.

However, I did have the opportunity to snap a pic of our dynamic duo to capture the beginning of this unforgettable journey.


Here are some pics of the Hotel Room as well-Sorry about the quality

How Many Beds do they think we need?!

For $15 dollars a night, free breakfast, WiFi, and working Air-con, and bottled you couldn’t ask for anything better. However, I find Hotels in Asia could benefit from investing in some Tempur-Pedic. Heck, I’ll even take a towel for a little extra cushion hehe 😛

After dropping and dashing, we headed to the Angkor National Museum, and let me just say I was not expecting to spend the whole two hours there but when they started turning the lights off on us it was our cue to leave.

Inside the Museum there were 9 Galleries. Although one does get tired of counting the 1,000+ statues of Buddha, the history and information are endless! From Myths, Beliefs, Kings, ancient civilizations, to Stones and artifacts there is something  for everyone to enjoy. Please note, if you do go and visit you can skip out on the briefing video unless you want to learn the proper way to go through the museum and the ample signs, directories, and museum curators aren’t enough for you 😛

After my brain and eyeballs were ready to pop we made it out just in time to miss the rain and grab a tuck-tuck to Pub Street to check out the night scene and fill our bellies.

It wasn’t as busy as I expected, but it was Friday and had just finished raining, but it definitely lived up to its reputation for being the #1 Hot Spot for travelers to try  “Khmer” food.

*Khmer food, or Cambodian Cuisine, typically consists of one dish with contrasting flavors, textures and temperatures. Like Thai, they rely heavily on herbs, leaves, pickled vegetables, dipping sauces, edible flowers, and other garnishes to actually create unique flavors out of simple food.

We found a little Restaurant called Khmer Family Restaurant that looked like just the right atmosphere we were going for and with $.50 beer we were sold 😛

On the Tonight’s Menu: 

  • Khmer Curry
  • Deep Fried Spring Rolls
  • Khmer Salad
  • and Khmer Beer

Let’s just say they need to step up their Spring roll game compared to Vietnam but the Curry and Khmer Salad were out of this World! I’m not usually a fan of curry, but it had an excellent taste and is made with coconut milk and local herbs rather than curry spice. We had a fun time, and we close enough to the street to enjoy watching the crowds and listen to the blend of upbeat music coming from each restaurant along Pud Street.

I snapped another picture of the Khmer family restaurant during the day because we had a heck of a time finding it again, and you wouldn’t think it was even the same restaurant from the looks of it..crazy! If you noticed from the first pic, even the pillows changed colors.
After Dinner we realized how tired we really were and thinking it was getting pretty late considering we had an early morning ahead of us we decided to grab a Tuck -Tuck back to the hotel and call it a night. Our hotel  is a little further away then most so it costs about $3 to take a tuck-tuck from Pub Street. It’s little sketchy to head down a dirt path in the middle of the night on the back of a random tuck-tuck, but I’m glad we are tucked away from the noisy crowds at Night. The drivers are all very reliable just make sure they know where they are going.  In some cases, such as ours, the hotels will change names or have a really popular one. “Kiri” actually means Hill or Mountain in Cambodian and not only is there Kiri Residence, but there is also Kiri Villa and Kiri Boutique which are in the complete opposite direction from where we are staying. Yup…found this out the hard way 😛

1 day gone and looking forward to what tomorrow has in store for us.

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