Halong Bay part 2

Typically I’m up for a little morning PT, but when my alarm went off at 530 for Thai Chi, I decided a little extra shut eye wouldn’t hurt. Hey, I did squid fish the night before so that should count for something right?!
Anyway, it was a beautiful morning on the Bay, and although my mom and I chose not to test our patients by joining in on some Thai Chi, we did enjoy a beautiful morning on the deck before being joined by our other sleepy boat buddies. I also spent the morning getting to know one of the tour guides who was about my age. I learned how hard it can sometimes be having to deal with all the tourist and ensuring they are happy all the time, but she cares so much about her guests and really loves what she does. She learns so much every day from people visiting from all over the world. Although she has to give up her communication and electronics for a few days at sea and has to make sure to take care of herself to stay fit, active, and healthy she doesn’t mind and enjoys sharing what her country has to offer with others. She actually accompanied us on our ride back to the hotel and upon saying good buy almost cried! You get really close to you guests right away and what an incredible opportunity to learn and meet people from all over. Kind of cool job if you ask me!

Breakfast Buffet

After breakfast we headed to our last excursion of the trip and went to see a small cave in the middle of the Bay. The cave use to be employed by the tourism industry to  provide a “high class” dinning experience in the midst of Bay in the old caves once used by the fishermen for protection against the element. However, the dinning as since been stopped due to its effect on the preservation of the cave itself. So, today you can joking the massive amount of tourist, and yes it is an enormous amount, on a short treck up to the top and inside for a quick view. It was stunning but between you and me I got a little tired of people trying to take pictures of it and just take in its natural which made the actually wait time to get in a bit long. Well when you can’t beat them  join them right? So here’s some of my shots of the cave and the small beach.

My mom and I made it back down before the rest of our group, so I used this spare time to find the only piece of beach glass in haling bay, and yes I believe it’s the only one considering I had to climb around the decaying rocks to find it, only me :p hey at least  helping the pollinium problem right?!

After that, it was back to the boat to cool down, pack up, and check out before enjoying a little fruit carving administration. The man was that impressive! I’m still waiting for the dragon he promised us though :p

After fruit, it was time for a little commotion: spring roll making the contest . Considering I taught myself how to make them after our last trip to Vietnam you’d think I’d at least make the finally cut but no such luck. Guess I need to step up my spring roll game :p Anyway we had some good laugh and enjoyed yet another course mal afterwords….man how much do they think we can eat?!

It was sad to bid farewell to our guide who had been with us the entire trip but happy he got to stay in Halong to be with his family for the weekend. Plus I think we were all a bit sleepy considering everyone on the entire bus fell asleep on the ride home :p I will say after the two hour mark I got a bit antsy and it wasn’t the comfiest bus I’ve been on so it was nice to have my dad Uni handy and my sweatshirt to sit on which saved my butt…latterly ;p it was a Long Journey back with traffic, about five hours, but definitely worth it and nice to be the first ones dropped off. We met some great people along the wY and made it back just in time the Che k back to our hotel, grab some dinner, and got the largest night maker I have ever seen! And to think we were going to slip it…not if I can help it! We actually stumbled upon it quite accidentally after roaming the streets near our hotel and man I never thought it would end!  It was a little too crazy to take a picture but again think packed with people but pretty cool to see. Well, another day complete and one last day left in Hanoi for us tomorrow before a journey in to Ho Chi Minh city.

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