With Easter right around the corner, I have been coming up with some Easter themed activities which can be catered for all ages. Here you’ll find some ways to release your child’s inner artist by getting a little crafty or more hands on activities for those with a little more energy and work on fine tuning those essential motor skills without even realizing it! I’d love to hear from you if you end up using any of these or if you’d like to share your own Easter themed ideas!

*I’ll continuously add any new ideas/lessons throughout the Easter season*

I will always include any required materials and links to budget-friendly buys so it’s cheap and easy to do these activities right at home!

PreK Aged Activity Book for Easter

(The older kids enjoy it too!)

Easter Activity Book-PreK

Print out double sided and let the kids have fun folding and putting their own book together. Filled with lots of fun and easy learning activities for Pre-K aged children.

Additional Materials Needed:

  • Colored Dot Stickers
  • Markers/crayons


The kids love these easy to use erasable markers!

The kids love decorating their eggs by matching the Color dots to the correct letter!

Easter Skittle Watercolor Experiment

Help the Bunny finish coloring his eggs and use the skittles water to make your very own watercolor paints!

Setup:Watercolor eggs

I simply sketched some eggs on watercolor paper and decorated them a little with corresponding skittle colors. Let your kids finish the eggs and watch them magically turn colors as they dry.

Here is a Watercolor Eggs Printout which you can be printed right on watercolor paper instead of having to draw them out yourself.


  1. Fill each little cup with about 1/2 of water. Place in desired colored skittle. I like to use three of the same to get a darker color and better color contrast for the kids to see it on their paper. Chose whatever combination you like or experiment with patterns.
  2. Place in desired colored skittle. I like to use three of the same to get a darker color and better color contrast for the kids to see it on their paper. Chose whatever combination you like or experiment with patterns.
  3. The skittles start to dissolve pretty quick so keep your eye on them. The kids will enjoy dipping their brushes in and trying to scrape off all the color before it dissolves in the water.
  4. Let your kids use a magnifying glass to feel like a real scientist. Have them make a prediction as to what will happen before you drop the skittles into the water.
  5. Experiment with both hot and cold water and have your kids make predictions about how the different water temperatures will affect the melting process.

We had fun mixing all the colors together P

Materials Needed:

  • skittles ( the more Colors the better!)check out these bunny skittles for a little something extra

  • Tiny plastic cups
  • Watercolor or thicker construction paper
  • watercolor/paint brushes

If you have more crafty little ones. Draw or print the attached Easter basket document and let them cut out their watercolor eggs and glue them to their basket. Have fun and be creative decorating it for the Easter season.


Beautiful Easter Basket- With an added forlk flower

 Materials Needed:

  • Scissors



  • Glue stick or tape
  • Easter Basket Picture
  • Optional: Fun Easter stickers/Markers

Skittle Memory Game

A great game for those extra skittles would be testing your kid’s memory by placing one skittle under 1/2 a plastic Easter egg and placing its buddy under the other half. Repeat this for every colored skittle and shuffle the egg halves around.  Let the kids see if they can find all the skittle matches by lifting one egg half at a time and guessing where the matching Color may be. If the second revealed skittle does not match, replace the egg halves and let the next person go. However, if they have a match they get to collect their skittles (but not eat them quite yet :P) and go again. Repeat the process until all the skittle pairs have been found. The winner will be the person with the most jelly beans at the end of the game. If this is a little too challenging make sure the egg half Colors correspond with the matching skittles.

If this is a little too challenging make sure the egg half colors correspond with the matching skittles. And for the much younger ones, let them keep picking up egg halves until they are able to find the right pair.

When the game is over the dealer will collect all the jelly beans and divide them evenly and let the kids take it from there 🙂

Materials Needed

  • Skittles



  • Plastic Easter eggs

Lego Easter hunt

For a little different twist in your traditional Easter egg hunt. Try filling the eggs with Lego pieces and have the kids find all their colored eggs filled with the matching pieces which can later put together to reveal their new lego surprise. This game is very appealing to boys who don’t particular like little trinkets but can find all the pieces that they can put together to build something new. This allows your kids to have some fun without all the extra sugar before the real party begins, and the legos make great toys that will last a long time.

Encourage your kids to find all their eggs before opening them so they don’t lose or mismatch their lego pieces. To make sure their pieces don’t get mixed up, assign one color to each child, which also helps them find all their matching eggs.

This is a great game which can be played outside or turned into hide-and- seek lego egg to fight those rainy day blues.

Materials Needs:

  • Mini Lego pack (one per child) or other small lego sets

If your child already collects lego this is a great way to add a piece to their collection without buying an entire set

  • Plastic Easter Eggs

Egg balancing act

Now that you have those plastic eggs. Make a game by having your kids attempt to balance them on a wooden cooking spoon or any other big spoon you have laying around and try to walk from one point to another without dropping the egg. This helps develop balancing as well as Coordination skills.


  • Plastic egg (one per child)

  • Wooden/plastic large kitchen spoon

This can be played either outside or inside and to make it a bit more challenging make a path the kids have to follow or objects their have to get around/through without dropping their egg

Jellybean challenge


Fill a bowl will jelly beans and give your child/ren a single straw. See if they can figure out how to get all the jelly beans into a second, empty bowl, without using their hands.

Have a good laugh as you try to suck up the beans without letting them drop :p a great way to practice those fine motor skills!

Materials Needed 

  • Jelly beans
  • 2 bowls



  • Straws (one pet child)