Peperoni Pizzeria

56 Zion Rd, 247781

One of our Favourite after church stops and a great place to take the family is Peperoni Pizzeria right by Great World” city.

It’s an Italian restaurant serving rustic Italian cuisines such as wood fired thin crust pizzas and delicious pasta. My personal Favourite is their homemade pesto on fusilli. I haven’t found another pesto that lives up to my grandma’s homemade one made from her very own basil plants, but this might just about make it, coming in a close second to an old family Favourite.

Our other go-to’s are:

-The Saucisson (Pork) Pizza topped with Pepperoni, bell peppers, onions & roasted garlic. A tasty flat bread pizza which is the perfect size for 2 or if you’re really feeling it go for the individual and devour this entire delicious pie with a little spicy flare

– The amatriciana pasta: a to die for tomatoes sauce seasoned with sautéed bacon & onions.

The pasta portions are absolutely perfect, not too big, not too small leaving you very satisfied by the fantastic flavors and wonderfully repeat after an evening of dining out.

Make sure you either book ahead if you’re looking to sit inside or even to grab a table anywhere at all sometimes. A popular hangout place for Singaporeans and expats alike turns this place into quite the dining destination on the weekends. However, if you go early enough you can beat the crowd or grab your pasta and pie to go, and you’ll still have a high-quality Italian meal right at home!

To take a look at the full menu or to find out more go to

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