Indian Cuisine

Kailash Parbat

Location #1: #01-03 Hotel Grand Chancellor, 3 Belilios Road, 219924

Location #2: 93 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207669

Directions: Take buffalo road exit from the Little India MRT Stop, walk down buffalo road to Serangoon road. Turn left on Serangoon Road and walk straight till you see Kailash Parbat to your left. It is across from the Little India Arcade, a little further down the street from the Tekka Center.

Looking for some authentic Indian food? Well, look no further and make sure to check out this hidden gem. Located right behind the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India. This North Indian gastronomic cuisine was introduced to me by a good friend, from India nonetheless. Be prepared, for this restaurant serves nothing but vegetarian based dishes, but you’ll get a little taste of India like never before!  I was actually totally astonished to find out that the dish I ordered was completely vegetarian and I would highly recommend it to any vegetarian or meat lovers alike, for you will find something for everyone to enjoy surprised to find out that my dish

A little higher on the price range for your typical Hawker Biryani rice set but with a pleasant atmosphere and comfy interior it’s a great place to go for a more formal sit-down meal. Make sure you keep an eye on the time and remember to ask for the check or you’ll be sitting there all night, but there’s Singapore for you 🙂

Not the best pictures but Here’s what we ordered:

A little blurry but very tasty! These are examples of some of the Chaats from their famous Chaat bar! Kailash Parbat is a synonym for the word Chaat, which is a savory snack traditionally served from the food stalls or food trucks in India.

The top image is of little crispy shells filled with a potato-chickpea mixture. Drizzle in the provided sauce and pop them into your mouth and let your taste buds go wild as you enjoy this very popular Indian street side “popper.”  The bottom two images were the other chaats we ordered, which ended up being our meal instead of an appetizer because once you get a taste of one of these you won’t want to stop! The milky looking one was a little on the sweeter side and I preferred the crunchy dish with a little bit of a kick to it but I’ll let you decide on which one to go for. Here are some tips before you go to help you pick the Chaat which satisfies your taste buds. “Dhi”-Yogurt “Puri”-small crispy fried balls, which form the base of every Chatt. “Ragda”- a spicy sauce made with chickpeas

These two are my favorites and I recommend ordering both to split with a friend in order to try the very different yet complimenting flavors of the different chaats.

Serv Puri- Although there are many variations, Sev puri is essentially made of a loaded plate of diced, fried potato crisps and onions topped with three types of chutneys: tamarind, chili and garlic and topped with sev seasoned with raw mango, a hint of lemon, and chaat masala.  A tangy crispy tongue tickling treat that will have you diving back for more.

Ragda Dahi Puri- Assembled using puffed puri stuffed with ragda (curried chickpea) and soothing coolant (yogurt)  its the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and cooling flavors for a light meal or a heavy appetizer to be shared with friends. To be honest I don’t prefer to my food to be all that spicy. However, you’ll be surprised at the hidden kick in this dish that is complimented so well by the semi-sweet cooling yogurt which will have you craving more even with its hidden flare.

Sammy’s Curry

25 Dempsey Road, 249670

A fun place to bring the family and a hot spot among expats and tourist alike. Get a delicious Indian meal on a banana leaf and fill it up at a very affordable price. A popular Indian dining destination for expats and locals alight. Right in the heart of the famous Dempsey Hill, this eatery is enhanced by luscious surroundings for a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets of Singapore. When dining at this curry house, you can choose to sit on the veranda to take in the green view or book a comfort table in the air-conditioned room to avoid the heat, which I highly recommend so you can enjoy the delicious flavors of all the hot and cold dishes without breaking a sweat.

Their signature dishes are Masala Chicken, Fish Cutlet, Fish Head Curry. A must-have if you’re visiting Singapore!

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