Singapore Batik

 History the Singapore Kebaya

Singapore Airline Attendees dress in the distinctive Sarong Kebaya, which has been the uniform since 1972. This distinctive dress remains a prominent element of the airline’s global image and has gained worldwide recognition as part of Singapore Airlines recognizable signature brand. Originally designed with the establishment and branding of the “Singapore Girl” in 1972. When Singapore Airlines took over its predecessor, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA), they wished to keep the traditional Sarong Kebaya as part of their “new” image, hiring a French designer, by the name of Pierre Balmain, to update the Sarong as part of the cabin crew’s uniform. There have been slight changes to the male uniform over the years. However, the iconic image of the Singapore Girl has remained unchanged.

My latest project has been creating coasters from this beautiful Batik

FullSizeRender 1


FullSizeRender 2

Packaged in sets of two with a wooden back and sealed with a waterproof glossy varnish make these coasters a perfect accent for any room!

Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to make you a set!

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