Popiah is a Fujianese/Chaoshan-style fresh spring roll common in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. A soft yet crunchy treat which will definitely have you coming back for more!


Serving: Makes about 20 Wraps



Jicama or Yam bean | 1 Large, grated 2 1/2 – 3 lb. Chicken cut up

Carrot | 1 Large, grated

Garlic | 3 clove

Shallots | 3 TB Fried, or minced

Butter Lettuce | 1 head, separated

Bean Sprouts | 1 C, wash and drained

Chinese Sausage (Lap Chung) or Tofu | 1 Sliced, and lightly fried

Hard-Boiled Eggs | 2 Sliced

Crushed Peanuts | 1 C

Vegetable Oil | 3 TB

Sesame Oil | 1 TB

Rice Wine | 1 TB

Soy Sauce | 1 TB

Oyster Sauce | 1 TB

Sugar | 1 Tsp or to taste

Salt | to taste

Water | 1 C or less

Popiah Wraps | 1 Pkg. (Similar to Crapes but can be substituted for spring roll wraps)


Chili or Siracha sauce | 1 TB

Hoisin sauce | 1 TB


  1. Gather and prepare wrap ingredients: Hard boiled eggs, Chinese sausage, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, and lettuce
  2. Peel the jicama or yam bean, and grate on a large setting.
  3. Place in a colander and allow to drain. Before using, squeeze all excess water
  4. Grate the carrot to a similar size
  5. Heat oil mix in a large wok
  6. Add fresh or fried shallots and cook until soft and not golden brown if fresh
  7. Add the garlic fry quickly until fragrant
  8. Add the jicama and carrot and toss through until hot
  9. Mix together the oyster sauce, soy sauce, rice wine and add to the wok.
  10. Turn the heat down low and let the mixture cook for about 15 minutes or until the jicama has softened and absorbed the flavors
  11. Add up to 1 C water if the mixture becomes dry while cooking
  12. Season with salt and sugar
  13. When cooked strain the mixture, set the solids aside to cool and reserve the juice
  14. Lay out one popiah wrapper and place a lettuce leaf on top
  15. Add the carrot and jicama mixture
  16. Top with bean sprouts sprinkle with peanuts, a slice of egg and Chinese sausage
  17. Fold in the sides and roll into a parcel, about 10 cm long, and slice rolls into 3/4″ thick slices
  18. Add 1 TB of Chili and 1 TB of Hoisin sauce to the remaining juice and serve on the side for dipping
  19. Have a Popiah party and allow your friends to serve themselves!
    Enjoy 🙂



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