Pomelo Salad with Shredded Chicken

Thai Pomelo Salad



Chicken Thighs | 4, shredded

Salt | ½ TB

White or other mild Onion | ½ large, peeled and chopped

Red Pepper Flakes | 1 pinch (Replace with 1 fresh Thai Chili or omit for non-spicy)

Pomelo | 2, peeled and supremed- roughly 4 cups

Red onion | 1/2, thinly sliced

Coconut cream | ½ c

Fish or Oyster Sauce | 2 TB (Can be replaced with plain soy with a dash of lime).

Sugar | ¼ tsp

Fresh Lime Juice | 2 TB

Salt | to taste

Roasted Peanuts | 3 TB, finely Chopped

Unsweetened Shredded Coconut| 1/2 C

Butterhead lettuce | 1 head, separated

Fresh Lime | 4, sliced (Thai Limes are very tiny in size so you may only need 1-2 large)


  1. Poach chicken by putting chicken in a pot and covering it with about 2″ of water
  2. Add onion salt and chili flakes
  3. Bring to a boil and reduce to medium-low heat for 10 minutes
  4. Cover, remove from heat and let sit 15 minutes
  5. Drain, let cool and shred. Set aside
  6. Prepare Salad plates by topping with a few pieces of butterhead lettuce
  7. Place peeled pomelo in a bowl and gently separate. Set aside
  8. Peel, finely slice the shallots and set them aside
  9. Chop and prepare the peanuts
  10. Sauté the red onion in a small amount of oil, add the chopped peanuts and Satue for a few more minutes being sure to fry the nuts ling enough to bring out the flavour but not to over cook 
  11. Combine pomelo, sauted onions and peanuts, and coconut flakes
  12. Toss and let sit in the refrigerator for a bit so the Flavours have time to mingle 
  13. A few minutes before you are ready to serve the salad make the dressing by whisking together the coconut cream, fish sauce, sugar and lime juice
  14. Taste and adjust to your preference
  15. Dress just before serving and Top with shredded chicken 
  16. Serve the salad on prepared salad plates and garnish a lime wedge and while peanuts 
  17. Serve immediately

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