Wizard of Oz Art Party

Its’s time to get that creative thinking hat on again as I plan for yet another Art Party and follow the yellow brick road for some creative and fun ideas for the Wizard of Oz theme Birthday

This time I am excited to have a little older group of girls, aged 8 and 9, to come up with creative, inspiring and just outright fun activities for two hours.

Here’s the lineup:

Let’s head on down to Kansas City to smush the wicked witch between our pages and make a witchy bookmark 

I gave each of the girls a plastic bag with a pre-cut bookmark made of hard plastic, a glue stick, a piece of black and white card stock, a pair of glittery witch shoes, and a pair of sissors. On the table I left a million little colored squared and a Wife variety of deco tapes for them to use as they wished. 

Fallow the Yellow Brick Road and play musical bricks

I used checkered fabric, colored it with different colored markers and placed a tiny bottle of nail polish wrapped in bubble wrap inside each “brick.” In one of the “bricks” I also placed a small cut out of red sparkly  shoes, and just like musical chairs the “bricks” are passed until the music stops, a Color is called and it’s holder must open their brick to see if they can find the ruby slippers. Once someone opens a “brick” they will be out but if course they get to keep what they’be found  The “Brick” with the slippers will be called last and the winner goes home with some glittery Gold nail polish to compliment their findings 🙂

Head North to join in some bubble fun with Glinda.

This is my personal Favourite and makes a great take home project for anyone! Add some water Color paint to bubbles and have fun seeing these tinted bubbles pop on your watercolor paper leaving behind a beautiful work of art you can use as a page in your next art journal or a simple print for your room!

You won’t fall asleep in this poppy field!

For this game have the kids stand in a circle and take turns trying to bounce tennis balls into the the “poppy” box. If you get it in you remain in the game  and the last one standing wins a little  prize!

Poppy flower Vase

For this  flower vase I gave the girls some various see through flower tissues, stripped wax paper, and tearable pink cobweb pape. I then made my own modge podge buy mixing 1/3 clear liquid glue And 1/3 water. I added a little clear varnish I had so the cases would turn out to be a little more shinny and well protected. The girls could use the materials anyway they wished and get very created using the modge podge to decopauge their floral jar.

Time to put on your glasses to make these sparkly yet sophisticated water “glasses”

Each girl got an emerald city cardsrock placemate, a green fabric coaster, a fancy plastic cup and a container of pre-sparkled label dots to decorate their drinking glasses during the birthday cake celebration. I also included a little extra jewels and candy that turns your water into a fizzy sweet drink for the girls to have some fun while enjoying their birthday treat.

“There’s no place like home”


1. Bubbles

2. Colored tape

3. Glitter glue

4. Mini Highlighter 

5. “Somewhere over the rainbow ” homemade book of patterns to Color/paint and a pack of mini colored pencils6. A postcard to practice your art and share it with a Friend

7. A chocolate “courage” medal

8. A pack of “Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!” erasers 

And there you have it, a party full of adventure fun and hopefully lasting memories for all 🙂 

Before and After photos will be shared later 

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