Jurong Bird Park

One of my favorite places to visit places to visit in Singapore is Jurong Bird Park. Never did I think I’m a million years that it would be easy to spend 5+ hours in a park filled with nothing but birds, but man I was SO wrong. At first glance it may not sound appealing to many but, I have to say, my mom was right about the truly unique birds you are here in Singapore. To be honest it took me a while to really get into the “bird watching” scene but when you actually take the time to step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life you begin to really see the true beauty in the world around you. A friend of mine once challenged us to see 109 different species of birds before we left Singapore, and let’s just say I’m not one to put down a challenge :p Plus I figured this would be a great opportunity to get back into my old photography hobby, which I started back in high school and quickly fell in love with the world seen through the lens of my camera and watched my images come to live in the small dark room of my high school. I continued on to AP photography and nominated President of the national art honor society where I was able to combine both my love of the arts and helping others through community service. Long story short photography took a back burner for a few years but this new bird challenge was the perfect excuse to practice the skills again….if there were any left :p

Now, I know going to the bird park is probably cheating in a big way but do keep in mind that I have seen many of these feathery guys flying freely around Singapore, but getting them to sit still long enough to have their picture taken is whole other challenge entirely. Also, I thought it would be a cool place to see all the obscure South East Asian species that are NOT on my native Singapore bird watching list but would be neat to see while I’m here. When I really started looking just for the fun of trying to find as many as I could in one day, or to knock as many off the list as humanly possible until the Singapore Heat kicked in ….okay I’m a little competitive 😛 I guess I’m a closet competitor and try to keep it on the down low but if you give me a task I will complete it haha I then started to realize that there are some very cool birds out there and back where I come from in the States as well, but when you grow up seeing them on a daily basis you don’t realize what you’ve simple witness just glancing out your very own window. For example, you will never see a cardinal, a blue jay, a robin, or even a humming bird in Asia but they have their own similar variation of these species which are uniquely different all at the same time. The Oriental magpie robin is a good example of the specie variations. Although they look very different then an American robin their behavior, frequency, and shape are surprisingly similar….pretty cool! Now I wish I had taken some good bird pics back in the States but can you believe I don’y have even one? Just goes to show you the saying is right and you don’t really appreciate things until they’re gone.

Anyway, here’s a pic I took of an Oriental Magpie Robin and a Stock photo of an American Robin

DSC_0246Image result for American robin stock photo

Okay, I may sound like a bird nerd, but what can I say, its addicting, fun, and a way to experience beauty and adventure right in your own backyard.

Back to the Bird park. Jurong bird park is currently the world’s largest bird park regarding the number of birds is holds with 5,000 birds and 400 different species you can see while it would at least half the day to really see all there is. Its also home to 29 threatened species and has received the conservation and research award for International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity. It actually closed and reopened in 2006 after being revamped and will be closing again soon for a massive relocation to Madai, Singapore in 2020. So if you haven’t gone yet, now’s the time!

Tickets are about $29 per adult and $19 per child but are 10% off if you have a passion card member, which I highly recommend becoming if you aren’t. It’s free if your planning to get your 1 star kayaking certification any time soon 😛 I Don’t recommend spending the extra $5 for the tram ride but its definitely worth it if you have little ones or difficulty walking for a long period of time. Be sure to go prepared with ample amounts of water, sun screen, if necessary, an umbrella, because who knows if it will just downpour randomly some afternoon, good walking shoes, snacks, dressed coolly, and a camera of course 😛 It’s also cheaper to buy your tickets online and before hand if you know your headed out that way.

Here’s a little look into the the different exhibits with some pictures for you to enjoy

The Waterfall Aviary

DSC_0581Home to 600 Birds flying freely. It’s especially incredible during the feeding times where you can have an up close encounter like never before.


I recommend the 230pm feeding time, which seems to be the birds favorite and really brings out all the unique species found inside. Here I witnessed both a durango and a which I’ve seen in the wild, but it was a great opportunity to snap a closeup picture of these beautiful birds.





The Riverine

DSC_0454Come see the various aquatic birds in the perfectly created river habitat



DSC_0567-1Visit the aquatic birds and gaze through the glass into the colorful shores of this friendly habitat DSC_0456



Swan Lake


If the name isn’t enough of a give away come see these graceful water birds sore through the waters as they fan them selves in the sunny rays


Lory Loft

DSC_0265The Lory Loft is another neat area where you can actually feed these friendly feathery creatures and walk among the tree tops on suspended bridges as you let them drink the nectar right out of your cup. Be careful though some of these guys enjoy teasing you and will squawk for another drink when they really just want another go at your knuckle.




The Jungle JewelDSC_0663

Walk through the topical rain forest of South America and keep those eyes peeled because you never know whose hiding behind the branches. Possibly my favorite exhibit in that park, but there are way too many cool bird’s to have one favorite 🙂

DSC_0635 DSC_0643DSC_0637 DSC_0628




Penguin Coast




Watch penguins both inside and outside as they either dive through the waters or sunbathe on the rocky coast

Flamingo Lake

Witness hundreds of free-flying flamingos basking in the afternoon sun and enjoying the plethora of fresh fish as the pose perfectly for all to see.


Pelican Cove


“The world’s most comprehensive collection of pelican species” right out in the open air. There’s nothin

g holding these guys back from sky diving for fish or even flying out into your very own backyard 😛





Hornbill & Toucan Aviary

A great place to witness the park’s successful breeding and conservation efforts


This is actually an example of one of the amazing Birds I’ve seen just walking through the Botanic Gardens one afternoon-Can you believe it?!

Dinosaur Descendant’s

See some of the largest flightless bird’s you’ll ever see and possibly didn’t even know existed




Wings of Asia

This exhibit is home to the region’s most exotic and endangered birds





Heleconia Walk

Gaze through the 167 species of Heliconia and see the birds these plants depend on for pollination



Parrot Paradise

Gander at the largest collection of parrots in Asia and see some of the most impressive parrots you will ever see!



Royal Ramble

I bet you’ve never seen a pigeon quite like this?!


King of the Skies

DSC_0677If you haven’t been to the park yet make sure you also check out the free shows where you can see some of the birds in action! My personal favorite is the King of the Skies because you get to see some massive flying predictors and creatures of the dark (owls) right out in the open. Its truly incredible to see these majestic beasts display their full potential outside the enclosed encounters.



Well there you have it a little synopsis and inside look to the one of the world’s largest bird parks. I’m still astonished that I had the chance to witness these beautiful creatures and able to share them with you.

Thanks for reading and please share your own beautiful findings!!! Also if you have any photo comments I’d love to hear your feed back!

2 thoughts on “Jurong Bird Park

    • laurendeasy says:

      With limited time left here in Singapore I thought it would be a neat place to visit again to really capture some Singapore’s beauty. I’m Glad you enjoyed the article, thanks for reading 🙂 there’s a new page with your husbands art as well!


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