Tea House

“What I say isn’t important.”-Vincent Low, founder of Xixing Xuan tea house

Actions speak louder then words. The age old saying our parents and teachers constantly try to instill upon us, and we finally come to realize, is very true. Its the things you see and experience first hand that revel the hidden “truths” In life. Humerous at the time, during our tea appreciation workshop at Xing Xuan tea house, words not meant to be taken seriously, but very true indeed. Words spoken by the founder himself as you stare in aw at the amount of servings he can poor from the tinniest of teacups. 

Mr. Low has been educating people about tea since 1889. Joined by his daughter as they conduct international tea appreciation workshops sharing the “joy and beauty of brewing and enjoying an exquisite pot of tea,” not only do you learn thats its all about the quality and not quantity when it comes to finding a good cup of tea, but you also get in inside scoop to the health benefits behind this ancient art. I won’t give away all the interesting and historical facts I learned during the workshop, but trust me when I say you won’t walk away disappointed! The pure passion behind his work and little corkey humor won’t put you to sleep during this history lesson.

The neatest thing about this workshop is that Mr. Low helps you understan about all the tea products out there on the international market, how to tell which ones are actually authentic and decent quality teas, and doesnt just push his own products, which of course are top of the line when it comes to tea. However, they are easily accessible for anyone around the world with his online shop and flat shipping rate of $5 SGD! You won’t be disappointed if you do chose to try his tea, which comes from a variety of different regions in both China and Taiwan, where each region strictly specializes in  a particular type. All leaves are picked by hand ensuring  the purest tea you will ever try.

During our tea time experience I learned my favorite type of tea is Chinese black tea but the other three ( White, oolong, and green) don’t fall far behind. Let’s just say I’ll probably be taking a closer look at the next cup of tea I drink and be a little more grateful to those who try to keep this ancient tradition alive and work hard to ensure the quality of the tea you may be drinking each morning. Not to say I’ll become a tea snob by any means, but I’m not so sure I’ll be running to the nearest gas station for my next cup 😛

Just one little tip before you go on your next tea shopping spree- Flower tea is not actually from tea a tea plant and flavors come from various oils instead of actually tea leaves. Also red tea is the same as black tea if your wondering 🙂

Okay now go enjoy that hot cup of tea and don’t milk away its goodness with cream and sugar 😛
If you do want to plan a trip to the tea house for your own tea appreciation lesson feel free to ask any questions you may have before you go. I highly recommend the dinner as well if you’d like to try  some authentic Chinese food as well!

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