Hong Kong 

Time to hit the skies again, as its wheels up for Kel and know possibly or last journey in Asia together for quite some time before heading back stateside this summer. This time around we were determined to knock a new country off the list. I’m just happy its a little bigger then a spec on my scratch map, at least now I can say I’ve made a little dent in my world travels :p Nah, I’m just fortunate to have the opportunity to see some of the beautiful places the world has to offer and share my journey along the wsy. 

First stop, the beautiful island Hong Kong, where we will only be staying two short days, one of which being lost :p before continuing on our journey to the city of Taipie, Taiwan, which we planned a little better for. This was one place I had been hoping to have the opportunity to see for quite some time, although I probably should have looked into the weather before making the travel plans, but hey a little rain doesn’t hurt anyone! 

After traveling a bit around Asia I will say I have gotten use to people appreciating the opportunity to practice their English with me. Although I have picked up a few words here and there along the way, this will be out first major trip to two countries where English may not be as easily understood. Hmmm I hadn’t really brushed up on my Cantonese or Taiwanese recently so figured crossed for sign language (thanks to kel!) or charade skills :p However, I don’t really have high hopes for either. Now is the time I wished I was much better at learning foreign languages, but hey it hasn’t stopped me yet, and who knows maybe I’ll learn quicker under a little pressure :p 

Anyway, we have full days planned ahead, have spent many hours researching our foreign destinations, and look forward to the adventure that come. I’ll be writing during our travels and share some of the activities and experience along and let you decide if Hong Kong or Taipie will be the destination of your own travel adventure. Until then, anticipation awaits.

Thanks for reading and following my journey along the way 🙂  


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