Hong Kong: South Island

“Unforgettably Beautiful”

That is how I would describe our short yet perfectly packed time on the Island of Hong Kong. After our 6 pm arrival, Kel and I decided to get our first taste of Hong Kong before continuing through immigration and making our way on the very convenient, and efficient, airport express to city central. Let’s just say we should have waited a little bit longer to satisfy our craving to try the local cuisine 😛 I was a little surprised to receive a plate full of veggies rice and some wormy looking mushrooms when I thought I had ordered a local pasta dish. Kel’s pork-rice had an interestingly sweet yellow sauce on Top. What I still think was mayonnaise :p (They like to put it on everything here in Asia haha).

Nevertheless, we were hungry and already running a bit behind schedule in meeting our family friends, who had so generously opened their beautiful home for us to stay during our overlay in Hong Kong. We dined and dashed being sure to hit 7-11 for some post-dinner snacks we recognized aka goldfish 😛

Then grabbing an Octopus card, which I highly recommend if you plan on traveling to Hong Kong and plan on doing some sightseeing, we hopped on the express to Hong Kong. An octopus card cost 150HKD with a 50HDK deposit included, leaving you with the 100HKD it’s cost to take the MTR-Airport Express (metro) all the way to Hong Kong. However, it’s easy to top up at any MTR stop, and you can use this card on any form of public transport, i.e., Star Ferry, MTR, Taxi, and Trolleys. You can even purchase things at Starbucks and other small stores like 7-11 if you don’t have cash on you. I recommend maxing out the day you leave and using it to get back to the airport. Considering it can actually go -50HKD the card will technically be paid for, and all you’ll be left with is a nice little survivor of your travels, and an Octopus card if you plan on making another trip in the future. It is definitely the best way to go when sightseeing, although taxis are very safe and reliable as well. Just keep in mind your driver may not speak English very well so make sure to either have where you are going written down or be able to say it in Cantonese.

After finally making our way to central we hopped the blue train to Chi Wen, a Bus with the help of some English Speaking visitors, and made it to our host’s house by 930. In time for hellos and catching up before our planned morning hike on the famous Dragon’s back mountain. Although a little tired from the travels I was excited to our day ahead and what other adventures may be in store for us here in Hong Kong.

F.Y.I It’s good to have an MTR map that has all the stops written out in both Cantonese and English, but it’s easy to find the Color coded lines when walking. Just know what direction you want to head in aka the last stop of the line you want to take and hop right on. Stops are said in both Cantonese and English and are easy to count as well if you are having trouble understanding or feel more comfortable doing so.

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