Hong Kong: Victoria’s Peak

It was up and out early to miss the mid-morning crowd to the famous Victoria’s Peak, or just “The Peak” as I was corrected to play it cool as if I don’t already get pegged as tourist with my camera strapped around my neck and trusty day pack :p

Once at the top of “The Peak,” being corrected that this is the “cool” way to refer to the famous Victoria’s Peak, I went straight to my favorite place to assist with the early wake-up. AKA, Starbucks 😆 We wondered around to the observatory, where the back view of the city was spectacular!




We also stumbled upon some fun wall murals, and I’m pretty sure, the world’s largest chocolate bar!











Things were slowly starting to open, so we made our way to the front observation deck. However, after getting turned around, we stopped to ask for directions, and the pleasant security guard advised us to check out Lion’s Terrace for a free view of the city. It turned out to be the perfect spot to get the whole “Peak” effect, and we decided not to pay the extra fee to go up and see the same view just a little higher from the formal observation deck. I think it’s kind of funny how we made a trend of going to some famous place and didn’t make it all the way to the top. But, it’s about the experience and not the bragging rights, right?!

DSC_0181The panoramic view of this beautiful city skyline, built right in the middle of the rolling mountains, was much more amazing than I had ever expected. We took a long pause to enjoy the morning view, and this famous Peak before the crowd started to appear.





Wondering around inside the shopping complex in the top we happened to run into a different kind of grilled cheese cafe, and Kel was too intrigued not to try their Instagram-worthy Rainbow Grilled Cheese. ” Yes, she did it fakes, and yes everyone stopped to ask if it was actually good, and yes she thoroughly enjoyed this lavender, tomatoes basil,  and pineapple grilled cheese. I must admit, I was a little turned off but the thought of lavender cheese and being it’s not my sandwich of choice I let Kel be the judge of this one.But darn, it was pretty good.




DSC_0226We decided to take the famous tram ride back down the mountain. Heck! That was the steepest tram ride I have ever been on in my entire life! My pictures don’t do it justice, but it was a vertical drop in same sections. We were quite happy we code not to take the ride up since it was like riding right into a concert with the number of people lined up to take it up. It would be cool to go up since you have to sit backward going down, but I’m not sad to have missed it.

*quick update at it steepest part the team has a 48% angle whereas the steepest one in the world, in Sydney Australia, is 51% and my dad was riding it at the same time! What are the chances?!


DZ girls left their Mark! Can you find us among the Bamboo?!

Once at the bottom, not that we were hot enough, we made the vertical (not even joking) track up the main street to the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens. I’m pretty sure Kel was about to kill me by then with it being like 100°, the park is a continuous uphill walk, and here I was snapping away to capture the unique birds housed here.  A little steep for our tired legs from yesterday’s hike yesterday’s walkabout, but very beautiful nonetheless.

DSC_0395DSC_0396We didn’t go through the entire park considering that we were both extremely hot, and then realizing the trek back down to Central was going to be just as fun ;p stopped for a refreshing ice coffee and mango smoothing we made our way to Hong Kong park and time square. Where we thoroughly enjoyed walking around and seeing the hustle and bustle you picture when you hear Hong Kong. I loved seeing the old trolleys rolling by, and I recommend taking a ride using your Octopus card if you have the chance. Let me know how It is! It just so happens we also casually ran into a false at Cotton-On, oh darn looks like we have to step in :p

Just enjoying the a\c for a while, we then made our way back to meet our hosts for one last dinner before our early morning flight….REALY early!


Our hosts were kind enough to bring us to the famous Din Tia Fung, know for their Dim Sum of small dishes similar to Spanish tapas.

After having only the best dumplings, I’ve ever tasted we headed to the rooftop downtown and were surprised to catch the sunset and beautiful city skyline right before dusk.






The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect! Walking through the Wet market, getting the full effect along the way. It was the perfect way to end our last day in this amazing city.


The dramatic change from day to night was spectacular and not something to overlook. It’s the simple things that always turn out to be the most beautiful.



It’s going to be hard to top this view, and it was much more than I had ever expected. I’m going to miss Hong Kong, but I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to see it before leaving Asia. Hey, you never know, maybe I’ll have the chance to return one day. Well, it’s early to bed for Kel and I as we pack up and prepare for our departure to continue this sister summer adventure.


Taipei, here come the DZ’s…. You ain’t ready 😋

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