Today I experienced one of the most unique “readings” and before you knock it wait till you try it! I had my lips read and no, I’m not talking about someone wearing headphone trying to read my lips, I mean I had my actual lip print read by a professional lipsoligist! Ariana is the first Certified Teacher of Lipsology in the world and was even feautred on the Dr. Oz show.

For the 5th year Fairfax Corner had it’s annual fall Nova Fashion show which I splurged to but my $10 VIP pass :p With this VIP pass and small donation of old clothes (optional) I received a free tote bag, a wine tumbler, 10 free yoga classes, a free cocktail, a seat during the show, and a peace of mind knowing that my $10 went to the Women Giving Back non-profit group working hard too clothe those in need. And Sarah Fraser from Hot 99.5s Kane show was there to host this lovely event.

Back to the lip reading. What a great idea for a bridal shower, bachelorette, or any party really!

Lipsology is not only fun but a very unique skill of lip print reading. It can be used to learn ones personality, state of mind, health, and particular energy levels. Just like finger prints, lip prints are very unique, with 25 basic catagories and over 100 subcatagories.

So, how did I receive my lip reading? I puckered up, put on my glamorous lipstick, and kissed my “kiss card” 3 times and awaited my fate….thinking I should have been better at using chapstick haha. The kiss cards were cute and if you do have a party, I believe they can be customized for both you and you guest.

Now what did my lips tell Ariana about me with no more then a simple hello passing through them?

1. In a secret romantic and have a good sense of humor- a sarcastic romantic? I Guess it’s possible but I would NEVER tell ;p

2. A people pleaser but tough on yourself, beat you self up and need to take care of you! – okay so I gave high expectations ;p

3. Like to try and understand others needs and read them, but you’re actually good at knowing what they are thinking- well I try

4. A foodie, so you’re not a cheap date

5. Can be picky about things being or going a certain way but can also easily go with the flow

6. Spirit lines- in touch with a belief greater then myself

7. Received some news that seems or is intense to you….yup

8. You are a person that likes to play outside- you body craves vitamin D…hmmm I think yes!!

9. Star print- you are unknowingly missed and make others happy bringing light to a room or social settling. Recently came back to a place-okay its a little ironic I just moved back.

10. One tired puppy- You have no idea?! This moving buisness is hard work haha

Now I’m not trying to pretend I believe in personality readings but this happened to be spot on and it was incredible how much she was able to tell just from my lips! Hmmm maybe your lips give away more then you think ;p Give it a try and see for yourself and trust me you won’t walk away without being at least a little impressed.

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