Artist and Their Work

Life shouldn’t be a competition but rather a journey of helping others succeed in sharing their own passion and interest. I think it’s the passion behind a piece that makes something a work of art. If it’s something an artist is passionate about and truly enjoys sharing its beautful in that it tells a story of their own life’s journey.

Red Brush Art

Being such a transient area everyone coming to Singapore is looking for Singapore themed Art to either remind them of their time or to share an image of this iconic Garden City with friends and loved ones. Not only does this expat artist share his amazing  story in his works but it’s become a family affair  and he’s found a way to pass the time during those Long nights spent traveling away from the family by embracing his artistic talent. I love the Red Brush’s abstract but classic take on the Singapore Culture. Check out the wide variety of gifts available featuring this colourful artwork for yourself at:

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