Pomelo Salad with Shredded Chicken

Thai Pomelo Salad Ingredients  Chicken Thighs | 4, shredded Salt | ½ TB White or other mild Onion | ½ large, peeled and chopped Red Pepper Flakes | 1 pinch (Replace with 1 fresh Thai Chili or omit for non-spicy) Pomelo | 2, peeled and supremed- roughly 4 cups Red onion | 1/2, thinly sliced Coconut cream | ½ … Continue reading Pomelo Salad with Shredded Chicken

Pineapple Fried Rice

Yield: 4 Total time:  20min Ingredients  Rice | 3 Cups cooked rice (can be several days old) Chicken Stock | ¼ Cup Curry Powder | 2 tsp. Light Soy Sauce | 3 Tbl. Garlic | 3 cloves finely chopped Pineapple Chunks | 1+ ½ cups fresh Pineapple Chunks Frozen Peas | 1 Cup Carrots | 2 Lg. chopped into small … Continue reading Pineapple Fried Rice


        Popiah is a Fujianese/Chaoshan-style fresh spring roll common in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. A soft yet crunchy treat which will definitely have you coming back for more! Popiah Serving: Makes about 20 Wraps Ingredients  Wrap Jicama or Yam bean | 1 Large, grated 2 1/2 – 3 lb. Chicken cut … Continue reading Popiah

Singapore Batik

 History the Singapore Kebaya Singapore Airline Attendees dress in the distinctive Sarong Kebaya, which has been the uniform since 1972. This distinctive dress remains a prominent element of the airline’s global image and has gained worldwide recognition as part of Singapore Airlines recognizable signature brand. Originally designed with the establishment and branding of the "Singapore … Continue reading Singapore Batik

Mango Salad

A great addition to any meal! A light, refreshing and deliciously easy recipe to really WOW your guest by giving them something a little different than your average side salad. Adapted From: Khmer Cooking School- Cambodia Ingredients  Green Mango | 2 firm unripe mangoes (green or red-orange in color) Unsweetened dried coconut (baking) | ¼ … Continue reading Mango Salad

Fish Amok

Fish amok is the national dish of Cambodia and once you taste it you'll know why. It is deliciously creamy yet surprisingly light, and quite mild when compared to neighboring Thai or Vietnamese curries. "Amok" refers to the process of steam cooking a curry in banana leaves, or in this case the delicious placed inside.

A Tribute to our Veterans- MAIL CALL

It only takes a minute to say "Thank you." Two simple words that mean so much more. What is the Honor Flight Network?! Mission "To transport America’s Veterans to Washington, DC to visit those memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends." Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely … Continue reading A Tribute to our Veterans- MAIL CALL


I have to say one of my favorite cuisines has to be Thai. Although there is a verity of delicious choices around Singapore sometimes, it can be hard to find a good authentic Thai restaurant that hasn't been influenced by other cultural dishes. If you're like me and just looking for some good ole Thai … Continue reading Thai

Satay by the Bay 

If you're looking for something a little different then your usually lunch/dinner sports check out Satay by the Bay and get a taste of a traditional Hawker, right in the heart of the "New" Marina Bay Area. Satay by the Bay definitely stands out from its urban surroundings. Tucked back in the lush greenery of … Continue reading Satay by the Bay 

Chinatown & CNY

"LO HEI!!!" Yes, I have now learned how to speak Chinese...ha I wish! Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Okay, so I'm a little late, 3 months late 😛 But I wanted to share a little about the Holiday which marks the turning of the lunar Calendar. Beginning on the 23rd, day of the 12th lunar month of … Continue reading Chinatown & CNY